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Sculpture, video and performance by three artists for this American exhibition are by Angela Ellsworth, Caleb Weintraub, and Stephanie J. Williams. Each has a practice of performance/video in addition to their object making. These artists bring their unique identities to their presentations. They work with mediums related to sewing and all frequent the craft store, but they also carefully construct videos and/or performances. Each lives and works in a different region of the United States and they are well recognized by critics and collectors but Rutgers-Camden offers an opportunity to reach new audiences. Phoenix-based Ellsworth is celebrated for her beautifully crafted  yet biting “Seer Bonnets” and joyful yet intimidating videos of performance. Indiana-based Weintraub glides through mediums like an ice skater with fluidity between them but with uncomfortable narratives. Williams contemplates identity issues simply sewn body parts that are somewhat at odds with her time based top action films.

Indeterminate Stillness by Angela Ellsworth