Cheryl Harper      
Resume   Cheryl Harper grew up in upstate New York towns and cities. Always drawing, she left for college seeking better weather and adventure.  
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    In college, she loved the work of other artists as much as making her own work, so she evolved as both an artist and a presenter of other artists. Working at art institutions was marked by periods of hiatus taken in order to make art.Today she primarily makes art but takes periods of hiatus to curate special projects for arts organizations and universities.  
    Trained as both an Art Historian–Curator as well as an Artist-Printmaker, Harper's work has always been informed by her curiosity about other artists as well as art history and current events. One body of work might be inspired by illuminated manuscripts, another by prehistoric symbols, another by warring factions in a distant region of the world or contemporary culture.  
    On this website, she presents several bodies of work, documenting the evolution of her art. Some works on the site are available for purchase.  
Social Commentary      
convenient vanities tea time detail   Her current series, Convenient Vanities, is inspired by the love of junk food, so conveniently available at the corner store, the drug store, supermarket, and drive through. It's delicious, yet it shortens our lives, She's looking at 16-17th vanitas paintings, flitering them through her contemporary experience, thus Convenient Vanities. These works combine several approaches to artmaking, including ceramics, woodworking, printmaking, applique quilting, and more.  
Political Subjects      
  Harper has worked on several political campaigns. Often her one-of a kind-prints and mixed media works, such as Prayer Rug, Carpet Bomb (private collection), made during the first Gulf War, incorporate political subject matter. Her series of female sphinx reflect the state of American women in national politics.  
  Ballot Box is an example of the documentation Harper creates every four years once the primaries have selected their presidential candidates. She closely observes the trends and by drawing and carving in clay, recreates the trails and trials of American presidential politics.