Cheryl Harper      
Deer Boxes      
    This body of work is a continuation of my interest in “predator/prey.” I see the world as divided into one or the other. The encroachment of man into deer habitat makes suburbanites the predator, yet we coexist by default. The imagery comes from many sources and I've discovered the history of “predator/prey," particularly with deer, is found in earliest civilizations. The five sides afforded by these boxes allow a story to unfold through images I’ve collected or appropriated.  
  In Doe a Deer, I tell the story of a recent Christmas Eve, when, while enroute to celebrations, I spotted the unblemished carcass of a doe lying in repose on the sidewalk. The street, in a very dense suburban area, was divided by grassy medians and straddled by large stone houses with metal fences. Since it was a holiday, I knew the deer would still be there in the morning. I returned to the spot in the zero degree Fahrenheit sunrise to photograph it. During the night, someone had decorated it with boughs from a berry bush.  
I dreamt I was a deer in headlights   I dreamt I was a deer in headlights tells another story of my experiences on rural and suburban roads and how easy it is to relate to the deer’s predicament.  
Boxed In   Boxed In brings together fences, herds, mating, warning signs, and fawns.