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Cheryl Harper      
Resume   Trained as both an Art Historian-Curator as well as a Printmaker-mixed media artist, she misses one when not doing the other. In the last few years she found a balance that enables her to follow both paths. Her work continues to be informed by her curiosity about other artists as well as the world around her. One body of work might be inspired by illuminated manuscripts, yet another by prehistoric symbols, or current events.  

Her current series, Convenient Vanities, is inspired by the love of junk food, so conveniently available at the corner store, the drug store, supermarket, and drive through. It's delicious, yet it shortens our lives, She's looking at 16-17th vanitas paintings, flitering them through her contemporary experience, thus Convenient Vanities. These works combine several approaches to artmaking, including prints, woodworking, ceramics, quilting, and more.

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    Regarding Harper's political body of work, she states, "As in many preceding cultures to our own, the public demands its leaders be icons, stepping into necessary roles acceptable to the masses.  My inspiration comes from combining the reputations of these personages with art historical references that seem obvious to me.  I document my observations of popular media, and draw from my experiences as a voter with occasional spurts of political activism."  

On this website, Harper shows several bodies of work, documenting the evolution of her art. For information on her curatorial projects, click here

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Bill N Buddy, 2008. The idealistic bridegroom evolves into post presidency. In the period following his exploits with a certain White House intern, Bill's only friend is his dog, Buddy. To view more scuptures, click on the image.

Ceramic Boxes      
Doe a Deer  

Doe a Deer, 2005 is one of a series of narrative boxes about living among deer in her American suburb. Most suburbanites consider the animals as interlopers, but she sees herself as sharing their property. For more boxes, including political narratives, click here or on the image.

Distaff Memory IV  

Distaff Memory IV, 1999. This woodcut is one in a body of work that incorporates symbols and patterns primative women used in fabric and ceramic pottery. Pre-historic women were powerful and mysterious to men. For more one of a kind woodcuts, click here or on the image.


Mixed Media    

Diluvian (detail), 2006-12. An installation work, it combines woodcuts, ceramic sculpture, and textile. It is inspired by intense contemporary weather events and biblical ones. Other mixed media works combine woodcuts and paint. For more mixed media works, click here or on the image.